Series of Dissertations

Series of Dissertation (ISSN 1502-2099) includes all dissertations submitted to BI Norwegian Business School since the doctoral progam started in 2000. Some of the dissertations are published online in full text, some only with the mantel.


  • Nam Huong Dau

    Asset Pricing with Heterogeneous Beliefs and Portfolio Constraints

    Series of Dissertations 13/2014

  • Vegard Kolbjørnsrud

    On governance in collaborative communities

    Series of Dissertations 12/2014
    The dissertation's mantel

  • Ignacio García de Olalla López

    Essays in Corporate Finance

    Series of Dissertations 11/2014

  • Sebastiano Lombardo

    Client-consultant interaction practices: Sources of ingenuity, value creation and strategizing

    Series of Dissertations 10/2014
    The dissertation's mantel

  • Leif Anders Thorsrud

    International business cycles and oil market dynamics

    Series of Dissertations 9/2014
    The dissertation's mantel

  • Ide Katrine Birkeland

    Fire Walk with Me: Exploring the Role of Harmonious and Obsessive Passion in Well-being and Performance at Work

    Series of Dissertations 8/2014
    The dissertation's mantel

  • Sinem Acar-Burkay

    Essays on relational outcomes in mixed-motive situations

    Series of Dissertations 7/2014
    The dissertation's mantel

  • Susanne H. G. Poulsson

    On Experiences as Economic Offerings

    Series of Dissertations 6/2014
    Open Access

  • Eric Lawrence Wiik

    Functional Method as a Heuristic and Research Perspective: A Study in Systems Theory

    Series of Dissertations 5/2014

  • Christian Enger Gimsø

    Narcissus and Leadership Potential

    Series of Dissertations 4/2014
    The dissertation's mantel

  • Mehrad Moeini-Jazani

    When Power Has Its Pants Down: Social Power Increases Sensitivity to Internal Desires

     Series of Dissertations 3/2014

  • Yuriy Zhovtobryukh

    The role of technology, ownership and origin in M&A performance

    Series of Dissertations 2/2014
    Open Access

  • Siv Staubo

    Regulation and Corporate Board Composition

    Series of Dissertations 1/2014
    The dissertation's mantel


  • Bjørn Tallak Bakken

    Intuition and analysis in decision making

    Series of Dissertations 9/2013

  • Karl Joachim Breunig

    Realizing Reticulation: A Comparative Study of Capability Dynamics in two International Professional Service Firms over 10 years

    Series of Dissertations 8/2013

  • Junhua Zhong

    Three Essays on Empirical Asset Pricing

    Series of Dissertations 7/2013

  • Ren Lu

    Cluster Networks and Cluster Innovations: An Empirical Study of Norwegian Centres of Expertise

    Series of Dissertations 6/2013

  • Therese Dille

    Inter-institutional projects in time: a conceptual framework and empirical investigation

    Series of Dissertations 5/2013

  • Thai Binh Phan

    Network Service Innovations: Users’ Benefits from Improving Network Structure

    Series of Dissertations 4/2013

  • Terje Gaustad

    Creating the Image: A Transaction Cost Analysis of Joint Value Creation in the Motion Picture Industry

    Series of Dissertations 3/2013
    Open Access

  • Anna Swärd

    Trust processes in fixed-duration alliances: A multi-level, multi-dimensional, and temporal view on trust

    Series of Dissertations 2/2013

  • Sut I Wong Humborstad

    Congruence in empowerment expectations: On subordinates’ responses to disconfirmed experiences and to leaders’ unawareness of their empowerment expectations

    Series of Dissertations 1/2013