Series of Dissertations

Series of Dissertation (ISSN 1502-2099) includes all dissertations submitted to BI Norwegian Business School since the doctoral programme started in 2000. Some of the dissertations are published online in full text, some only with the mantel.


  • Anna Stepanova

    When Should Organizations Outsource Problem-Solving? Balancing Technical Requirement Specifications in Public Procurement

    Series of dissertations 02/2024


  • Katarzyna M. Adamska

    Mindsets In Organizations - How Fixed and Growth Beliefs Influence Employee Outcomes

    Series of dissertations 16/2023

  • Thomas McKay

    Essays about Auctions and Bargaining. Theory and Experiments.

    Series of dissertations 15/2023

  • Oda Nedregård

    The party is on, get in line

    Series of dissertations 14/2023

  • Tohid Ghanbarpour

    Doing Good and Doing Well

    Series of dissertations 13/2023

  • Lewend Mayiwar

    Emotion Regulation via Self-Distancing

    Series of dissertations 12/2023

  • Farhana Tabassum

    How Repetition-Induced Learning Influences Consumers' Perceptions

    Series of dissertations 11/2023

  • Morten Haabeth Grindaker

    Empirical Essays in Labor Economics and Housing Search

    Series of dissertations 10/2023

  • Linnea Lorentzen

    Trade and Worker Reallocation

    Series of dissertations 09/2023

  • Tine Petersen Malonæs

    Creating room for innovation. A business history study of innovation in the Kongsberg Group, 2000 - 2015.

    Series of dissertations 08/2023

  • Jon Ellingsen

    Essays in prediction, expectation formation, and labor economics.

    Series of dissertations 07/2023

  • Felix Kapfhammer

    The Macroeconomic Consequences of the Green Transition

    Series of dissertations 06/2023

  • Bryndís Dögg Steindórsdóttir

    Opportunities and Obstacles to Career Success. A Lifespan Developmental Perspective.

    Series of dissertations 05/2023

  • Ivan Korsak

    On the Structure and Evolution of Marketing Science

    Series of dissertations 04/2023

  • Vasyl Kotsovskyi

    Three essays in portfolio management

    Series of dissertations 03/2023

  • Jonas Hveding Hamang

    Essay on the determinants of oil, and the post-oil era and democracy

    Series of dissertations 02/2023

    Abstract: What are the effects of supply-side climate policies? We use global company-level data to estimate the impact of 130 oil-tax reforms between 2000 and 2019 on oil production, exploration and discoveries. Higher taxes are found to reduce companies’ exploration expenditures and oil discoveries. We quantify the oil market implications and show that the existing productionbased taxes, averaging at 21%, reduce the long-term emissions by 1.3-2.7 GtCO2 annually. Increasing the global tax rate would reduce emissions almost linearly, by 0.16 GtCO2 per percentage point, while further shifting the distribution of rents from consumers to producers and governments.

  • Binh Minh Thi Truong

    How Does an Acquisition Affect a Firm's Alliance?

    Series of dissertations 01/2023