Series of Dissertations

Series of Dissertation (ISSN 1502-2099) includes all dissertations submitted to BI Norwegian Business School since the doctoral progam started in 2000. Some of the dissertations are published online in full text, some only with the mantel.


  • Stefania Sardo

    Questioning normality: A study of obduracy and innovation in the Oil & Gas industry

    Series of dissertation 15/2018

  • Ingvild Müller Seljeseth

    The Inevitable Thucydides’s Trap?

    Series of dissertation 14/2018

  • Daniela Carmen Cristian

    The Utility of Hedonics Beyond Pleasure: Positive Outcomes of Hedonic Consumption

    Series of dissertation 13/2018

  • Daniel Øgård Kinn

    Essays in Econometrics

    Series of dissertation 12/2018

  • Ragnar Enger Juelsrud

    Essays in Micro-Finance

    Series of dissertation 11/2018

  • Bisrat Agegnehu Misganaw

    On entrepreneurial teams and their formation in sciencebased industries

    Series of dissertation 10/2018
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  • Martin Blomhoff Holm


    Series of dissertation 9/2018

  • Helene Lie Røhr

    Essays on decision making dynamics in politics and consumer choice

    Series of dissertation 8/2018
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  • Hoang Ho

    Are Human Resource Management (HRM) Systems Good or Bad for Employee Well-being? An Investigation of the Well-being Paradox from the Mutual Gains and Critical Perspectives

    Series of dissertation 7/2018
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  • Rannveig Røste

    Innovation in Public Services - Wicked Problems and Multi-layered Solutions

    Series of dissertation 6/2018
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  • Mathias Hansson

    The complex simplicity of patterns in action : organizational routines as source of adaptation and performance

    Series of dissertation 5/2018

  • Mariia Koval

    Antecedents and consequences of unplanned alliance terminations

    Series of dissertation 4/2018
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  • Maximilian Rohrer

    Three Essays in Financial Economics

    Series of dissertation 3/2018

  • Viacheslav Iurkov

    The role of alliance networks for firms’ geographic scope and performance: A structural embeddedness perspective

    Series of dissertation 2/2018

  • Huy-Vu Nguyen

    Wealth Inequality

    Series of Dissertation 1/2018


  • Mirha Sunagic

    Aspirations and Daring Confrontations: Investigating the Relationship between Employees’ Aspirational Role-Identities and Problem-Oriented Voice

    Series of dissertation 14/2017

  • Beniamino Callegari

    Joseph Alois Shumpeter: A heterodox theoretical interpretation

    Series of dissertation 13/2017

  • Sepideh Khayati Zahiri

    Essays on Predictive Ability of Macroeconomic Variables and Commodity Prices

    Series of dissertation 12/2017

  • Tonje Hungnes

    Reorganizing healthcare services: Sensemaking and organizing innovation

    Series of dissertation 11/2017
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  • Eileen Fugelsnes

    From backstage to consensus: A study of the Norwegian pension reform process

    Series of Dissertation 10/2017

  • Knut-Eric Neset Joslin

    Experimental Markets with Frictions

    Series of dissertation 9/2017

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  • Sumaya AlBalooshi

    Switching between Resources: Psychosocial Resources as Moderators of the Impact of Powerlessness on Cognition and Behavior

    Series of Dissertations 8/2017

  • Zongwei Lu

    Three essays on auction theory and contest theory

    Series of Dissertations 7/2017

  • Frode Martin Nordvik

    Oil Extraction and The Macroeconomy

    Series of Dissertations 6/2017

  • Elizabeth Solberg

    Adapting to Changing Job Demands: A Broadcast Approach to Understanding Self-Regulated Adaptive Performance and Cultivating It in Situated Work Settings

    Series of Dissertations 5/2017
    The dissertation's mantel
    See also BI Business Review: Help employees handle change

  • Natalia Bodrug

    Essays on economic choices and cultural values

    Series of Dissertations 4/2017

  • Vegard Høghaug Larsen

    Drivers of the business cycle: Oil, news and uncertainty

    Series of Dissertations 3/2017

  • Nikolay Georgiev

    Use of Word Categories with Psychological Relevance Predicts Prominence in Online Social Networks

    Series of Dissertations 2/2017

  • Sigmund Valaker

    Breakdown of Team Cognition and Team Performance: Examining the influence of media and overconfidence on mutual understanding, shared situation awareness and contextualization

    Series of Dissertations 1/2017
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