Series of Dissertations

Series of Dissertation (ISSN 1502-2099) includes all dissertations submitted to BI Norwegian Business School since the doctoral progam started in 2000. Some of the dissertations are published online in full text, some only with the mantel.


  • Espen Christopher Skretting

    Firms, Oil and Stocks

    Series of dissertations 11/2021

  • Marius Andersson

    Texts and texturing in and around organizations: A discursive perspective on temporal work, future constructions, and managers’ latitude of action.

    Series of dissertations 10/2021

  • Gilbert Kofi Adarkwah

    Institutions, Policy Risk, and Firms Behavior. Foreign Investments in High-Risk Countries.

    Series of dissertations 9/2021

  • Ilka Verena Ohlmer

    The Social Side of Employee Pay. Exploring social-psychological outcomes and the explanatory mechanisms of employee pay standing from the social-effects perspective on pay.

    Series of dissertations 8/2021

  • Emanuela Stagno

    Some Consequences of Vulnerability in Consumers' Life

    Series of dissertations 7/2021

  • Christopher Albert Sabel

    Spinouts, Sharks, and Genealogy: Established Firms as Resource Acquisition Channel for Startups

    Series of dissertations 6/2021

  • Njål Andersen

    No article is an island entire of itself. Extending bibliometric science mapping in the field of management with social network analysis.

    Series of dissertations 5/2021

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  • Julia Zhulanova

    Macroeconomic Dynamics, Commodity Prices and Expectations

    Series of dissertations 4/2021

  • Magne Våge Knutsen

    Essays on reputation

    Series of dissertations 3/2021

  • Even Soltvedt Hvinden, Crude Games

    Essays on strategic competition in oil markets

    Series of dissertations 2/2021

  • Namhee Matheson

    Theory and Evidence on the Effect of Disagreement on Asset Prices

    Series of dissertations 1/2021