Sustainability strategy

Sustainability in Campus Operations

BI takes environmental and social responsibility in our operations. We work to reduce Greenouse Gas Emissions, challenge suppliers on circularity, improve social conditions for employees and students and to ensure decent work conditions in suppliers.

Climate, environmental and social focus in our operations

BI aims to contribute to and develop a sustainable society through our teaching and research, as well as in our own operations. In our own operations, BI has a strategic focus on SDG 13 Climate actions and SDG 5 Equality, in addition to supporting other SDGs on environmental and social development. BI reports on status and progress every year in our Annual Reports.

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BI sustainable operations work in line with established standards:

BI's most important climate and environmental goal is to support the UN 1.5 degree target by 2030. In order to achieve this climate goal, BI has ambition to:

  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Increase the proportion of renewable energy on the campuses
  • Support green mobility solutions
  • Reduce unnecessary use of plastic
  • Focus on a circular waste management

This work is done through our campus facilities management, eg. when upgrading campuses and investing in greener energy solutions, buying goods and services, travelling or handling our waste. We consider the entire life cycle and challenge our suppliers to contribute to circularity and climate footprint reductions.


BI also works systematically to improve social conditions for employees and students, through targets and action plans on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB).  BI has ambition to:

  • Increase share of female faculty
  • Increase male share of administrative and managerial positions
  • Increase female student share in Finance degree programmes
  • Increase awareness of unconscious bias
  • Zero tolerance for sexual harassment

This work is done through HR, faculty and student management and through collaboration with BIs employee unions and with BISO, the BI student organisation.


BI works to ensure social work conditions in our suppliers and their value chain, through BI’s procurement policies, contract procedures and follow-up. In line with Transparency Act, in Norway July 1, 2022, BI has ambition to:

  • Increase control measures and follow-up actions of BI suppliers on social working conditions
  • Increase transparency

This work is done through BIs procurement management and internal contract owners and through collaboration with BIs suppliers.

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