BI's sustainable strategy

Programmes and individual courses

We will develop the capabilities of students to be future generators of sustainable value for business and society at large and to work for an inclusive and sustainable global economy.

Integration of sustainability into all programs

In BI's strategy by 2025 we will include sustainability in all our programmes and individual courses to ensure awareness and understanding that industries who take this seriously will be the winners in the future's markets.

"Sustainability is not something only politicians and business executives should attend to. It is a natural part of the work we do and the choices we make as an educational institution. For our students, it relates to the ability to reflect on dilemmas as part of the learning process. It is about developing knowledge and skills that future leaders will need in order to bring business and society forward."

Bendik Samuelsen


Programmes and individual courses

This EMBA specialisation is a a programme about leadership and how you can transform your organization to high performance sustainability through professional creativity and entrepreneurship. 

This programme will give participants the necessary competencies and skills to move from rhetorics about green economics into informed practice in Nordic organisations. This programme is in Norwegian.

The Firm is a mandatory course for all first-year students pursuing a Bachelor of Science programme. In this course, students learn about corporate social responsibility, ethical theories and related challenges in business. This course is in Norwegian.

Applied Business Ethics is a mandatory core course in all Master of Science programmes and specialisations. In this course, students become familiar with the basic concepts of business ethics and how they relate to core business objectives and strategies.

Through Public procurements – innovation and sustainability, we aim to spread a mindset and techniques that enhance innovation and sustainability. The participants are equipped with tools and methods for sustainability evaluation and life-cycle analysis. This bachelor course is in Norwegian.