BI's sustainable strategy

Research and faculty

Business, economics and management are crucial to reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals and our faculty publish research relevant to reaching most of the goals. Below are links to major ongoing initiatives.

BI Business Review

What is the relationship between digital technologies and inequality?

In an age of data mining, analytics and AI, life chances are at stake.

BI Business Review

Why Climate Change Won’t Be Solved by Better Decisions at the Supermarket

Do you know what we can use recycled plastic bags for?

BI Business Review

The Sustainable Challenge

How can businesses include ecological action and social responsibility into its marketing efforts while remaining dedicated to corporate profitability?

BI Business Review

Biofuel: Greenwashing or greening?

Was biofuel not the saving grace the politicians hoped it would be? The story is a tank full of paradoxes, according to Atle Midttun and Knut M. Næss.

BI Business Review

Sustainable HRM helps innovation and can make hotel guests happier

Hotels can make a business case for embracing sustainable Human Resource Management (HRM) as an alternative people management approach.

BI Business Review

Meet Caroline Dale Ditlev-Simonsen

Professor Caroline Dale Ditlev-Simonsen recently introduced a new step-by-step process in how to succeed in corporate social responsibility.

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Good news for the climate

Carbon prices have doubled in 2018. The price increase makes it more attractive to think environmental friendly.

BI Business Review

The smartest thing for the planet

Are the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals really sustainable? The solution is found in five extraordinary new measures.