BI's sustainable strategy

Research and faculty

We will engage in conceptual and empirical research that advances our understanding about the role, dynamics, and impact of corporations in the creation of sustainable social, environmental and economic value.

Across disciplines we conduct research that promotes corporate social responsibility, awareness of sustainability and ethics.

Some of our research centers stand out through activities and projects of particular relevance:

Centre for Corporate Responsibility

BI Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) promotes sustainable development. It engages in research, teaching and active cooperation with other academic institutions, the business community, governmental bodies and NGOs.

Centre for Green Growth

The Center for Green Growth works on climate issues in a holisitic, multidisiplinary and long term perspective. The focus is on what can be done to reduce climate gas emissions at the global, national, corporate and individual level.

Nordic Centre for Internet and Society

The Nordic Centre for Internet and Society is a globally-oriented research centre, dedicated to understanding the influence of new internet technologies on working life and society.

Centre for Corporate Communication

We focus on corporate communication as the total of communication activities of both public and private sector organizations to achieve their goals. 

Research news

Biofuel: Greenwashing or greening?

Was biofuel not the saving grace the politicians hoped it would be? The story is a tank full of paradoxes, according to Atle Midttun and Knut M. Næss.

Research news

Good news for the climate

Carbon prices have doubled in 2018. The price increase makes it more attractive to think environmental friendly.

Research news

The smartest thing for the planet

Are the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals really sustainable? The solution is found in five extraordinary new measures.

Research news

Achieving Sustainable Development in Africa

Developing countries need higher education that supports sustainable business development. More competence in Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management is required, writes Marianne Jahre.