Experts on the Corona Crisis

17 March 2020

BI researchers offer expert knowledge to media on health care management, economics, banks and lending, digital work, digital teaching, global supply chains and more.

Health care management

Associate Professor Bjørn Erik Mørk
Phone: +47 40224258
Email: bjorn.e.mork@bi.no

Supply chain preparedness and crisis management

Professor Marianne Jahre
Phone: +47 46410475
Email: marianne.jahre@bi.no

Global value chains and multinational companies

Professor Gabriel R. G. Benito
Phone: +47 46410455
E-post: gabriel.r.g.benito@bi.no

Economic prognoses

Associate Professor Leif Anders Thorsrud
Phone: +47 98837976
Email: leif.a.thorsrud@bi.no

Oil markets and macroeconomics

Professor Hilde C. Bjørnland
Phone: +47 46410767
Email: hilde.c.bjornland@bi.no

Monetary policy

Professor Tommy Sveen
Phone: +47 46410097
Email: tommy.sveen@bi.no

Professor Gisle James Natvik
Phone: +47 46410677
Email: gisle.j.natvik@bi.no

Fiscal policy

Professor Gisle James Natvik
Phone: +47 46410677
Email: gisle.j.natvik@bi.no

Labor markets

Research Professor Espen R. Moen
Phone: +47 46410786
Email: espen.r.moen@bi.no

Stock markets

Associate Professor Espen Henriksen
Phone: +47 46410646
Email: espen.henriksen@bi.no

Banks and lending

Professor Charlotte Østergaard
Phone: +47 46410520
Email: charlotte.ostergaard@bi.no

Professor Gisle James Natvik
Phone: +47 46410677
Email: gisle.j.natvik@bi.no

Digital leadership, digital work and effective digital teams

Professor Sut I Wong
Phone: +47 46410723
Email: sut.i.wong@bi.no

Virtual teams and digital leadership

Associate Professor Donatella De Paoli
Phone: +47 46410674
Email: donatella.d.paoli@bi.no

Digital teaching

Associate Professor Espen Andersen
Phone: +47 46410452
Email: espen.andersen@bi.no

Digital education

Associate Professor Anne Berit Swanberg
Phone: +47 46410755
Email: anne.b.swanberg@bi.no


Professor Ole Gjems-Onstad
Phone: +47 46410419
Email: ole.gjems-onstad@bi.no

Tourism and the travel business

Professor Nina M. Iversen
Phone: +47 46410194
Email: nina.m.iversen@bi.no

Company law and contract law

Professor Tore Bråthen
Phone: +47 46410415
Email: tore.brathen@bi.no

Economics and management in arts and culture

Professor Anne-Britt Gran
Phone: +47 46410678
Email: anne-britt.gran@bi.no

Economics and management in the media business

Associate Professor Erik Wilberg 
Phone: +47 98251671
E-post: erik.wilberg@bi.no


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