So engaging I don’t want classes to end

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  • Name: Adriana Nedal
  • Country: Spain
  • Age: 19
  • Programme: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Adriana Nedal

Studying in Norway

I have always wanted to study in Norway. I have visited Norway every year since I was young, and I always knew it was where I was going to end up. When I finally began my studies here, I discovered that BI’s international students are all very friendly and kind. I love getting to know new people, and all the international students are just as excited to meet new people as I am. Certain classes are so engaging, and have such great professors, that I don’t want class to end! BI taught me how to study independently, to not rely on other people when it comes to schoolwork, and that hard work pays off in the end.

My perspective on Norwegian culture

I’ve discovered that Norwegian nature is beautiful, untouched and well preserved. It has made me enjoy being outside, and made me appreciate good weather more than I used to. One time I went hiking with a friend of mine. We went up the wrong path and ended up 5 hours away from our starting point! We had to walk back along a semi-abandoned highway. Even though we were lost and tired, it was one of the most beautiful walks I have ever been on.

The most important idea I learned in Norway

The most important thing I have learned here is to enjoy everything to the fullest. To enjoy the beautiful nature we have around us constantly, as well as the architecture. And to take every chance to travel through Norway and see how alike yet different every place is. Adriana Nedal

Why BI was the right choice for me

  • Because it is a well-known business school with a good reputation.
  • The BBA programme is in English.
  • The learning style. It is independent, but if you need help there will always be help available to you.