Norway has broadened my view on diversity

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  • Name: Meagan Leber
  • Country: USA
  • Age: 24
  • Programme: MSc in Strategic Marketing Management Meagan Leber

Work-life balance in Norway

The idea of time for yourself and “kos” (a Norwegian form of a calm, cozy time) are obvious drivers behind Norway’s great work-life balance. But I also think that trust has a significant impact here. Norwegian companies trust that their employees will get the job done. This trust, combined with an appreciation for the cozy things in life add up to an important emphasis on work-life balance.

My perspective on leadership

Moving to Norway has made me much more of a listener than I was before. Coming from the US, everyone is fighting for a chance to speak, but in Norway I find myself trying to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to participate in the conversation. Meagan Leber

My perspective on sustainability

BI introduced me to the paradox that is green consumerism. The idea that the very nature of consumerism is inherently unsustainable was an eye opener for me as a Marketing student. I am really thankful that BI is open to having these difficult conversations and challenging our perspectives.

My perspective on equality

Norway has broadened my view on diversity to include diversity of opinion, mental health, language, culture, etc. rather than simply gender, skin color, sexual orientation etc. I am now able to cherish, listen, and work to understand everyone’s opinions and ideas equally and with a greater deal of empathy. It also gives me the self-awareness that we have to treat everyone equally and with empathy even for the aspects of diversity we cannot see. Meagan Leber

Why BI was the right choice for me

  • BI often bring in speakers, organisations and professors who challenge the status quo, which challenged my way of thinking.
  • Their teachings made me want to challenge the idea of “green consumerism” and made me focus more on initiatives that actually bring positive change.
  • BI has changed the way that I approach problem solving. I now feel comfortable taking complex information and breaking it down in a simple way to reach and present a set of solutions – some that are obvious, others maybe not so much.