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  • Name: Jose Tenorio
  • Country: Mexico
  • Age: 33
  • Programme: MSc in Business - major in Leadership and Change (Campus Bergen)
  • Current workplace and position: Finance Controller - Sandland Holding AS 

Jose Tenorio

Why I chose to study at Campus Bergen

This programme provided an interesting mix of up-to-date knowledge, problem solving, and skills that the companies are looking for in their future employees. Secondly, the opportunity to have an internship before finishing the programme was very important to me. It allowed me to experience the Scandinavian labour culture and mindset. I chose Campus Bergen due to the great collaboration among different industries there, such as seafood, media, finance innovation, and ocean technology, just to mention some.

What Norway taught me about sustainability

Here, sustainability is a holistic topic that covers diverse aspects such as the environment, people, and natural resources; exploitation, consumption, renewable energies, etc. The Norwegian mindset is about being respectful of nature and sharing responsibility. I learned it depends on all of us, from individuals to big companies.

What Norway taught me about equality

Living in Norway and studying at BI made me believe that we all deserve to be treated in the same way. You feel appreciated, valuable and confident because others recognise the ideas you bring to the company, no matter your background or ethnicity. As a professional leader, I want to be a person who always takes people’s ideas and thoughts into consideration. Women and men are treated in the same way here, and I have seen many women in managerial, director, and board member positions. It’s very inspiring.Jose Tenorio

Why I chose to stay in Norway

I decided to settle in Norway after finishing my master’s degree for several reasons.

  • The country provides minorities the opportunity to have a voice, to be treated as equal.
  • The work-life culture is a balance between accomplishing your milestones and having time to yourself, as mental health is an important topic.
  • People recognise you for the ideas you bring to the company, no matter your background.
  • Norwegian nature blows my mind, keeping me breathless. Ultimately I stay because I am still curious to explore and to learn, and to live the Norwegian culture.