A unique blend of urban life and nature

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  • Name: Khushal Bajaj
  • Country: India
  • Age: 20
  • Programme: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)  Khushal Bajaj

Why I came to Norway

Norway’s location on the globe and its unique geographical features had been calling me for a long time, as I love adventure sports and going on trekking trips. I craved to experience the country for myself. The uniqueness of the rich culture, the traditions, and the environment of Norway lured me here.

My perspective on Norwegian culture

Norway has a unique culture which focuses on tolerance, respect and equality. This has taught me to see everyone in an equal light. Though Norwegians are generally shy, they are really friendly and helpful if you approach them. Despite being in a completely different country, I feel like home here.

My perspective on Norwegian nature

Norway provides a unique blend of urban life and nature. There are numerous green spots, parks, lakes, rivers and a fjord within Oslo, and the city is surrounded by even more nature. Every time I feel overwhelmed with studies and work, I just go on a hike and enjoy the serenity of nature. Sunday mornings I start my day by taking a dip in a lake or a river, be it summer or winter.Khushal Bajaj

Why BI was the right choice for me

  • Because of BI’s many international students from different countries, the school acquaints me with the economy and culture of the world, helping me become a true entrepreneur and leader.
  • BI, being a Triple Crown accredited school, is providing me with a solid foundation for my career. I can certainly say that the BBA programme at BI will help me become the dynamic entrepreneur who I aspire to be.
  • The learning style focuses on hands-on learning. The professors are more like your friends, and are really helpful if you have any trouble with the subject.
  • Before I came here I expected BI to provide an exceptional quality of education. And it did not disappoint me. The institute is preparing me to be a dynamic leader on the global stage.