Annual report 2023

Research and academic activities

BI delivers research-based and practically relevant education.

BI works continuously to develop outstanding research and teaching. Last year was another year with high academic activity.

BI's academic activities are organised in nine institutes  and 10 research centres representing spearheads in our research.

Our researchers deliver solid research quality, with publications in prestigious journals and have several externally funded research projects. BI is an important collaboration partner with several other institutions in many research projects.

  • The number of publication points for BI in 2022 was 502, another year of high research output (figures for the current year are only available in April each year).
  • BI received 41.4 MNOK in externally funded research projects
  • 61% of the externally funded research projects had BI as project owner

To offer the best research-based and practically relevant teaching in the classroom, our researchers and lecturers must continuously develop and acquire new skills. In 2023:

We want to be closely connected to society and business. Our research and teaching must reflect business needs, and their knowledge and experience must strengthen our work. We contribute to developing society and tomorrow's working life through long-term collaborations.

Two researchers hold endowed professorships:

Four business representatives are employed as Executive in Residence

  • Jostein Tvedt, Chief Strategist at Danske Bank - Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
  • Tom Remlov, former opera director and theatre director - Department of Management and Organisation
  • Sindre Støer, head of Norwegian Securities Dealers Association - Department of Law and Governance
  • Odd-Harald Berg Wasenden, partner in the law firm Arntzen de Besche - Department of Law and Governance

BI's researchers contribute their knowledge to the development of society and business. Some examples from the past year: