Master of Science

Leadership and Organisational Psychology

Gain extensive insight into a company’s most valuable resource, its people. This programme is suited for people aiming for a career in strategic human resource management, consulting, or individual and organisational development.

What will you learn?

Businesses today must recruit, retain, develop, and reward employees and provide an environment in which they will perform their best. Strategic workforce planning improves business value, and makes it possible for companies and organisations to reach their goals. This programme will provide you with the required education to implement and lead such processes in organisations, thereby contributing to organisational effectiveness.

You will gain a thorough understanding of theory and research in the area of leadership and organisational behaviour, and develop skills in applying this knowledge to real-life organisational challenges, and identify necessary changes for meeting organisational goals and ambitions.

Popular courses covered in this programme

Illustration of data
Illustration of data

Get the knowledge and skills necessary to take an active, professional part in the economic and environmental challenges of today, including climate change, poverty and employment issues.

Picture of a Globe with countries
Picture of a Globe with countries

Use organisational and psychological research, and explore the concepts of culture, mobility, and cross-cultural leadership and human resource management.

Illustraion of multiple heads
Illustraion of multiple heads

Understand individual differences or the individual as part of a system, by getting extensive knowledge of individual characteristics as reflected in different theories.

Illustration of a hand
Illustration of a hand

Learn the various scientific perspectives used for studying leadership, and how leaders influence individual and organisational performance.

Why choose this programme?

Engaging learning experiences and quality teaching are something we strive to provide, to help you build a solid skill and competency base, making you relevant for the future of work. In the video below, you will get the perspectives of our students, faculty, and the industry to understand the reasons for choosing to study an MSc in Leadership and Organisational Psychology at BI.

Why choose an MSc in Leadership and Organisational Psychology?

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Career possibilities

With a Master's Degree in Leadership and Organisational Psychology, you will be a relevant and attractive candidate for a great number of positions at the managerial level in a variety of organisations. Here are a few examples of positions our former students have obtained:

  • Recruitment Coordinator Scandinavia, Tesla Motors
  • Nordic HR Manager, Texas Instruments
  • Consultant/Analyst, PA Consulting Group
  • Talent and Reward Manager, Telia Norge
  • HR Specialist, Opera Software
  • Communication Manager, Thales Norway
  • Other position titles include Organisational Consultant, Customer Relations Manager, Business Analyst, Manager for Change and Management Trainee in various companies.
Max Paul Trautwein Consultant Accenture Interactive Structuring organisations for the future

Customise your degree

As a master student at BI, you have several exciting opportunities that will contribute to a varied and interesting student life, at the same time as you build relevant competence and gain an advantage in the job market by tailoring your degree.


Programme Structure

The academic year at BI is divided into two semester, one in the autumn and one in spring. There are exams at the end of each semester. This programme structure provides an overview of which courses you will be taking and when you will be taking them.

Please be aware that the study plan and courses can be subject to change, and that availability of elective courses may vary depending on the campus where you choose to study.