BI Alumni Copenhagen Forum

Reshaping business with Artificial Intelligence

BI in collaboration with the Norwegian Danish Chamber of Commerce and Culture and Salesforce Denmark, invite our alumni and guests to this inspiring and thought provoking evening at Salesforce Denmark's offices.

Guest speakers :-

Claus Skytte is an entrepreneur, lecturer and author of 4 books on internetization

How will people, robots and artificial intelligence share the future? - This talk will provide an overview of the possibilities and consequences of artificial intelligence.

Professor Christian Fieseler, BI Norwegian Business School

Peaking Inside the Black Box: Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Accountability. - This talk aims to show measures to make the design and application of artificial intelligence more accountable and widely deliberative, so to build more inclusive innovations.

Henning Treichl, Master Sales Engineer Salesforce

The Customer Experience Battle.- This talk will examine todays experience dilemma and if technology or organisational changes can solve this?


Practical information

  • Time:Thursday, 19 April 2018 17:00 - 19:00
  • Place:Salesforce Denmark
  • Contact:Audrey Paton (