Navigating for Excellence

21 January 2008

BI has created a new course in leadership development in conjunction with Ricoh Norway. “..a kind of ‘ping-pong effect", is the managers description of the process.

The managing director of Ricoh Norway describes working with BI as “having produced a kind of ‘ping-pong effect’ between theory and the challenges that face us”.
Last autumn, Ricoh Norway, which supplies office solutions, decided to put its managers on a specially adapted leadership development course. According to the company’s managing director, Tore Johansen, during his meetings with BI he became more and more aware of the possibilities that management training could play in achieving the company’s goals – namely, the introduction of a common management culture into the company.

Ping-pong effect

“Instead of just taking a standard course, we had the idea of producing a new course that we could assist in working out ourselves,” explains Johansen. He describes the process of developing the course as being a bit of a ping-pong effect between BI and Ricoh Norway, in which the interaction between BI’s theory and the practical challenges facing Ricoh has resulted in the production of a highly relevant manager development course, Navigating for Excellence.

Main aims of the programme

The expert responsible for the development of the programme was Geir Thompson of the Institute for Management and Organisation. Thompson explains that the course was designed with the aim of achieving three main goals: “First to give participants insight into methods and techniques for improving their personal effectiveness; second on showing them how to manage their staff better (here we placed special emphasis on getting them to understand situation-dependent strategies, in order to encourage the staff to act more independently). The third goal was to teach participants ways of developing a “high performance team”.

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