MBA still gives a good return on investment

29 April 2008

According to a press release of ‘QS’, the main organiser of MBA fairs in the world, the MBA is still a very safe bet for young professionals seeking career advancement.

QS recently released an overview of the average starting salaries of MBA graduates. The data for the overview were supplied by the schools themselves. The overview shows that graduates of many top business schools have a starting salary of over 100,000 USD.

BI Norwegian School of Management also features on the list. The average salaries of BI’s MBA graduates was USD 103, 660, which puts them in the middle group of MBA earners in the world. The report also reveals that recruiters in Europe increasingly are switching on to the MBA qualification.

Kristin Ølberg, MBA director at BI Norwegian School of Management says that the QS report confirms her own intuition of the present international job market: ”our MBA graduates are in high demand and do not have any problems securing positions in respected international companies”. She also feels that the programme’s recent introduction of a study period in China has helped to make candidates more attractive:” we now deliver general management graduates that in addition have a sound understanding of China’s impact”.

She adds that it still is possible to apply for the MBA programme starting this fall.

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