BI students challenged on ethics

17 August 2009

BI Norwegian Business School presented its first year master students with an introduction case where they were challenged in ethical problems.

Taking the oath

”Business schools across the world have responded to the economic crises with new initiatives and courses. BI has also launched a new course for Master of Science students called Corporate Responsibility and Ethical Reflection. The ethics part which constitutes 50 per cent of the course did not use to be a part of the programme. Many people claim that the root cause of the economic crisis was people’s attitudes and the will to do the right thing. Harvard students, but also students elsewhere, have taken an independent initiative to rectify this by taking an oath,” says  BI Professor Heidi Høivik in explanation to the choice of assignment.  

The assignment consisted of an introductory case to be presented to all new master students at BI last Wednesday. 36 groups of five students replied to the assignement. A similar assignment was set last year to great success when the students were asked to solve the global food crisis.  

Getting to know each other

The main objective of the assignment was to introduce the new master students to the way they will be working as a student of BI Norwegian Business School.  

”The introduction case holds a high academic level, and the participants were divided into groups of five. This made  it easier for them to get to know their fellow students. As an incentive, the three best groups were presented with a gift voucher of NOK 1000,” says Ann Kristin Calisch, Director Master at BI.

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