Swine flu - precautionary measures

7 August 2009

BI is concerned about the A(H1N1) commonly reffered to as "swine flu". The situation in Norway today, there are relatively few cases, but the numbers are expected to increase in the autumn. BI has therefore taken a number of intitiatives to prepare for a possible pandemic and we are following the advice from the Norwegian Government and Health Authorities carefully.

BI Norwegian School of Management in Oslo will install disinfectants in the common areas, the canteens and at all the main entrances, as a precautionary measure against swine flu. We are also introducing new, stringent cleaning instructions and issuing information on how to restrict the infection. 

BI would ask all our students to pay heed to the advice issued by the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and encourage students to take simple hygiene measures to reduce potential infection.  First and foremost we recommend practicing good hand hygiene, such as frequent and diligent hand-washing. We also recommend using the disinfectants we have installed.

The Institute of Public Health emphasises people’s individual responsibility to prevent and restrict contagion, and has therefore prepared information on the illness and provided recommendations that everybody ought to know and follow. This information is available at: http://www.pandemi.no/.

We will also be distributing brochures and electronic messages/information to all our students providing information on how to restrict this disease, and what to do if you think you might have been infected. 

The Student Health Services operates a  ”flu phone” on +47 22 85 46 00 and the phone number for the Oslo Emergency Medical Agency is +47 22 93 22 93.  

At the present moment, BI Norwegian School of Management does not plan to cancel any activities or lectures due to swine flu. However, we will monitor the situation very closely, and follow instructions given by the Health Authorities.   

Disinfectants have been installed in the following areas at BI Oslo:

  • At the entrance to the student canteen– basement floor (the Oasis)
  • At the entrance to the staff canteen – Floor 7
  • At the reception area - B3
  • At the reception area - C3
  • At the student service centre  – BU1
  • IT services - BU1
  • At the library entrance  - Floor 5
  • The Student House

Information on Flu  A (H1N1) – Swine Flu

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