Successful BI project in Azerbaijan

3 November 2009

On October 28 in Baku, a joint seminar of BI Norwegian School of Management and Khazar University summarized the results of the BI- Khazar project that started September 2005.


BI's prof. Øystein Noreng, Project coordinator Feite van Dijk, Khazar's president Hamlet Isakhanli and the Norwegian Ambassador Jon Ramberg

The project, financed by the Kaukasus programme of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, started with a scholarship programme for Khazar bachelor students who were enabled to study at BI’s MSc programme. Since September 2005, 5 Khazar students have graduated from BI’s Msc programme and a 6th will graduate this Christmas. The 5 students all returned to Azerbaijan and contributed to upgrading the teaching capacity at Khazar University since all of them were engaged as part-time teachers at the School of Economics and Business.

During their stay at BI they also contributed to BI’s international student environment through various activities of which a seminar for BI students and faculty on ‘Investment opportunities in Azerbaijan’ is just an example.

Later on in the project, a Khazar faculty development dimension was added. Khazar wanted to develop its capacity in the area of Energy Management. In the period 2007-2009 6 faculty members of Khazar’s School of Economics and Business attended various modules of BI’s Executive Master in Energy Management. This inspired the school to develop its own MBA in Energy Management that is now available to students and clearly bears the mark of BI’s programme. 

This new programme also enabled Khazar University to enter into a dual MBA programme with the Institut de Préparation à l'Administration et à la Gestion, IPAG in France in which it is foreseen that French students will come to Azerbaijan and participate in the Energy related courses that Khazar can offer now.

The seminar was attended by the President and the Senior Vice Pesident of Khazar University, the Norwegian Ambassador Jon Ramberg, BI professor Øystein Noreng, BI project coordinator Feite van Dijk and a number of Azeri BI alumni. All expressed the wish that BI and Khazar enter into research cooperation in the field of Energy and Prof. Noreng identified some possible themes. The Norwegian Ambassador expressed his hope for an exchange programme between Khazar and BI so that also Norwegian students could spend some time in Baku.

As the icing on the cake Prof. Noreng delivered two guest lectures to the Khazar’s  MBA students and Khazar faculty:  ‘The Norwegian Oil Fund’ and ‘The Financial Crisis, the Real Economy and the Oil Market’. 

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