Double degree in marketing

9 February 2010

In an effort to develop our MSc in Strategic Marketing Strategy to a leading European program, on 2nd February BI formally signed an agreement with University of Groningen's marketing department.

This agreement will allow students from BI and Groningen to enter into a program which upon completion will grant them a double degree in marketing.

Both student groups will spend one year at each place following ordinary master courses and master thesis. They will receive two diplomas as evidence of their achievement.

Please follow this link to learn more about Groningen:

Strong marketing modelling group

The marketing faculty faculty at Groningen is known for its excellent research and outstanding publications. While we have a strong marketing strategy group they have a strong marketing modelling group. This opens up for faculty exchange of particular relevance to our PhD students in marketing. Instrumental in making this agreement happen is Feite van Dijk at BI's International office and Tor W. Andreassen Chair Department of Marketing.

Expect students next academic year

The double degree option will be positioned as an attractive alternative to ambitious marketing students who want to stand out among the many talents competing for the same job. Also for students looking for an international carrier the Groning opting will be very attractive. The agreement is operative as of now and we expect to receive the first student(s) from Groningen next academic year 2010/2011. It is my sincere hope and ambition to be able to exchange about five BI marketing master students every year, concludes Tor W. Andreassen.
Double degree programme

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