Nobel economics laureate visits BI

17 December 2010

The winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Science 2010, Peter A. Diamond, visited BI Norwegian School of Management Thursdag 16th of December. He was welcomed by President Tom Colbjørnsen.

An attentive audience had gathered to hear Diamond’ s hour-long lecture "Perspectives on search theory".

This is the second time running that at Nobel laureate in economics has chosen to visit BI Norwegian School of Management in Oslo. This was a also special event for Professor Espen Moen at the Institute of Social Economics. He was mentioned in the committee's scientific citation for the award.

This year, the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel was awarded to Professors Peter A. Diamond (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Dale T. Mortenson (Northwestern University) and Christopher A. Pissarides (London School of Economics).

They received the prize for developing new theories on how the labour market works and why so many are unemployed while there are vacant jobs.

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