A time for unity

1 August 2011

The aftermath of the summer 2011 will be with us for a long time. The tragedy that struck so many has aroused powerful emotions in all of us.

“BI is an educational institution with a student body of over 20,000. Many of our students and employees have been affected by the tragic events of 22 July,” says Tom Colbjørnsen, President of the BI Norwegian Business School. “We must take care of each other during this time, and BI will make sure that those who have the need, will have someone they can talk to. And, gradually, we will begin to look ahead once more.”

Still mourning

Student chaplain Nils J Riedl says that many are still mourning:

“Many have a need for someone to talk to. Learning to deal with events like this can take time,” says Riedl. “For others, this has made them get involved. The sea of flowers in Oslo city centre bears witness to a high level of involvement.”

“While we must bear the grief, we can also shape the future through the choices we make. There has been a strong focus on love, hope, solidarity and a society characterised by freedom of speech and unity in the time that has passed since 22 July. With this we can overcome the challenges we now have to face. But there is a time for everything: a time for sorrow and a time for joy; a time for consolation and a time for continuing to work on the challenges we face.”

BI Student Welfare has recently been focusing on the words “activity, dialogue, and diversity”.

Student chaplain: Telephone: 46410285

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