Ask me!

15 August 2011

Welcome to BI Oslo! If you have any questions, speak to one of the people in red t-shirts at the main entrance. They can answer almost any question.

BI Norwegian Business School wants your first day on campus to give you a good start. There are many people at BI working to give you a good education. We who work here at BI share an enthusiasm for working with education, and welcoming new students is a privilege for us. There are therefore many who want to meet you and help you find your way.

Look for the red t-shirt

Any questions?

During the first days, you will meet staff in the reception area who wear red t-shirts with the inscription ASK ME on the back. They can help you with almost anything. And if there is something they do not know, then they know where the answer can be found.

So, ask the people in the red t-shirts if you have any questions. Welcome to BI!

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