Innovation Camp

24 October 2011

On October 6th and 7th a group of students from BI, UMB and UiO joined together in an Innovation Camp at the University of Oslo.

Students from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) and University of Oslo (UiO) met with BI students to learn more about creativity and innovation and to try out the teories on a practical case. The "camp" was led by Ellen Sethov from Ungt Entreprenørskap (Junior Acievement - Young Enterprise) and the students were divided in to groups were all three schools were represented.

Above there is a picture of the whole group, and below two pictures of the winners. The best group received diplomas and a prize. As NSB was the case the prize of course included train travel.

All the groups were given a presentation of NSB, their strategy and impact on quality time and environment. How can NSB Comfort Class launched in 2004 be improved? The groups were asked to develop ideas how NSB Comfort Class can increase profit and maximize customer satisfaction.

Evaluation was based on economic value, feasibility, presentation/persuasive ability and innovation & creativity, and the groups had to both deliver a written report and hold a presentation were they introduced their ideas.

 To warm up before the case work, all the participants interacted through creative exercises. They got to know each other and showed that they are engaged, motivated, solution oriented, smiling students.

From the invitation: "An innovation camp is an intensive training period focused on problem solving. It's about how to work in a team and to work under pressure. You will  get an assignment from the real world and compete to find the best solution."

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