They find a job long before graduation

11 April 2012

Last year, 81 per cent of those studying for an MSc in Business and Economics and 48 per cent of BSc students at BI Norwegian Business School had a job before they graduated.

The labour market survey for BI students graduating in 2011 shows that 81.2 per cent of the Business and Economics students and 73.3 per cent of MSc students generally had found a job before their studies were complete. This is an increase of 15.7 and 5.1 per cent respectively from the previous year.
Among the BSc students, 48 per cent had found a job before taking their final exams. 
“These figures confirm that BI provides a relevant, high-quality education that is in great demand in the labour market,” says BI Executive Vice President Jens Petter Tøndel.

The survey shows that 95 per cent of the Business and Economics students who graduated in the spring of 2011 had found a job within six months of completing their degree.

Found their dream job

Many BI students who will be graduating this year have already signed a job contract, Finansavisen reported on 11 April 2012. One of them is Marianne Vågan, who will soon have completed the third year of her BSc in Market Communication.
She found her dream job in the communications agency Gambit Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

“I wanted to work in Gambit H+K because this agency made a very good impression on me. I have learnt the theory during my studies, and now I am looking forward to learning the practical side,” says Vågan to Finansavisen.

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