BIs International Summer Program

28 June 2012

20 year old Alexandra E. Rieckhoff from California, USA is one of nearly 70 international students who participate in BI`s international summer program. That is 15 years after her Norwegian mother Bettina graduated from BI Norwegian Business School.

Alexandra, who is a student at Brown University, Rhode Island has always wanted to study in Norway. When she got the chance to participate in BI`s international summer program this year, she did not hesitate.

So far, she is very satisfied with the program. - The study programs at Brown consist mostly of theory and research, at BI we get the chance to practice the theory and work in teams.

Going abroad was a conscious choice, in terms of given the opportunity to get an international career sometime in the future.

- After a lecture about the Norwegian working environment and the laws that maintains the employees’ privileges, I see Norway as a great country to work in.

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