Application numbers top record

23 April 2013

Never before have so many applied to BI Norwegian Business School. All in all the bachelor and master programmes at BI have received 11,100 applications.

The number of applicants to BI has increased by 28.3 per cent overall. President Tom Colbjørnsen is very pleased with these figures, particularly bearing in mind the increasingly fierce international competition.

“Our goal is to lift our game so that we can stand tall among Europe’s best business schools. We have therefore taken strategic steps that include a clearer academic focus and a concentration of our resources. It is great that so many potential students find us an attractive school,” says the president of BI Norwegian Business School, Tom Colbjørnsen.

MSc in Business and Economics

The MSc in Business and Economics shows a whopping 25 per cent increase and has now 834 applicants.

“These are splendid figures, given that you can study for an MSc in Business and Economics at 11 different educational institutions just here in Norway,” says President Colbjørnsen.

International applications

BI has received 2,769 international applications this year. At the bachelor level, the majority of applications are for the BBA programme (Bachelor in Business Administration), with 1,347 applicants.

At the master level, the Master in Business programme has 403 international applicants.

“This is a very interesting development. Our international campus contributes positively to our ambition to lift our international profile. At the same time, we know that several other schools and universities are also seeing a strong increase in international applications. Here at På BI we are fairly realistic concerning how many of these applications are genuine,” says President Tom Colbjørnsen.

The Bachelor Programmes

Much interest is being shown in BI’s bachelor programmes. This year again, Real Estate Studies and Business Administration stand out with 1,572 and 1,876 applicants respectively. For Real Estate Studies we have thus a 15 per cent rise from 2012, while Business Administration shows a 2 per cent increase.

For the bachelor programmes, the proportion of Norwegian applicants has increased by 4.5 per cent since 2012.

The Master Programmes

The most popular studies at the master level are Business and Financial Economics, with 819 and 385 applicants respectively.

All the master programmes have seen an increase, and the proportion of Norwegian applicants has gone up by 12.5 per cent since 2012.

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