Women in leadership

12 April 2013

The BI student`s Veronica Kristensen (24) and Cecilie Collett Sælør (24) are two of many female students who have chosen to engage in some of the tougher leadership positions, in the student union SBIO.

A new survey commissioned by BI Norwegian Business School shows that among the new generation students, both genders have the same ambitions when it comes to working in a leadership position in the future.

Leadership talents

BI student Veronica Kristensen
Veronica Kristensen has been engaged in different students units since high school. Today she is the chairman of the board of SBIO and the students representativet at the BI board.

- I have always been interested in the field of leadership, and I am now studying MSc in leadership and organizational psychology at BI. I hope I will get the chance to work in a leader position in the future, says Kristensen.

BI student Cecilie Collett Sælør
New challenges were the main reason and motivation, when Cecilie Collett Sælør applied for the position as leader of Bergensbaneløpet 2013. The economy student have also been involved in student politics and other engagements at BI.

- When it comes to my career I'm pretty open, but It's not impossible that I will work as an leader some day, says Collett Sælør.

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