Internship as a minor

5 June 2013

With BI internship as a minor, students at BI have the opportunity to combine theory with practical tasks outside the classroom.

Tuesday June 4, both students and employees affiliated with the internship program, met with representatives from the different companies. This fall a total of 16 students are going to spend 8 weeks working as interns in their selected company, followed by a 6 week course at BI Norwegian Business School.

The internship is a co-operation between BI and 11 national and international companies. Among these are: Opera Software, BackeGruppen, DNB, DNV, Nordea, Norges Rederiforbund, Posten, PA Consulting Group, Telenor, Oslo Havn and Microsoft.

On the agenda was an introduction to the course, as well as talking about previous experiences and establishing expectations. Among the speakers was Silje Bogen from Opera Software. She shared her company`s point of view regarding interns and gave advice on how to conduct a successful internship. The three most important recommendations was first of all to choose wisely among the candidates, secondly to include the interns as regular employees and finally to closely follow up.

Representing the student’s perspective of internship was BI-student Ingrid Marie Zeiner, who gave a lecture about her experience as an intern at DNB Consulting. Her foremost advice to the 16 students was to challenge their weaknesses and make the most out of the opportunity of actual real world experience.

About BI Internship

As a pilot project, BI offered the Internship minor for the first time in the autumn semester of 2011. The minor gives students the opportunity to work in a company and gain real world experience for a shorter period, during the semester. The internship gives 12 credits, and the two mandatory courses makes up the remaining 12 credits. 

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