Financial Times’ ranking of MSc in Business

16 September 2013

BI Norwegian Business School has one of the world’s top 70 Master of Science programmes in Business studies.

BI has clear ambitions to climb the list, but also acknowledges that the competition for being ranked is increasing. New schools get on the list each year, and eight previously ranked schools have been removed from the list this year. Financial Times splits the list into four sections and notes that the difference between the 20 ranked schools at the bottom is very slight.

“The international competition is getting increasingly tough. We will now analyse the results to see how we can improve. BI shall definitively take part in the competition to be among the leading Business Schools in Europe,” says provost at BI Norwegian Business School, Dag Morten Dalen.

The ranking of Master of Science in Business is based in part on students’ income after three years, the number of PhD students, number of female faculty and board members, as well as international faculty.

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