BI Presidential Scholarships to top students

9 October 2013

The BI Presidental Scholarships are awarded to twenty Norwegian and international top level candidates. To qualify for this scholarship, the students must have straight A’s in all subjects.

One of this year’s recipients, Maiken Magnussen, is doing an MSc in Business and Economics. She says to the Norwegian online newspaper HegnarKvinner that her drive for good grades is a combination of interests, competitive instincts and ambition.

- I suppose there is bit of a perfectionist in me. I do not enjoy doing things by halves. Of course, the more something interests you, the more you want to learn. Grades are more or less the only thing you have to show for your studies, so you obviously want them to be as good as possible, she says.

Magnussen believes that motivation and an interest in the subject are important to achieve good grades.

- I am a little stubborn, too, and so I don’t give up when things get difficult. Hard work is necessary, and so is the attitude that you can always do a little bit better. I have always done quite well at school, but it is only since I started at BI and began studying subjects that I actually find interesting, that I have achieved this kind of results.

The scholarship covers the tuition fees for two years, and so far, it has been awarded to 40 students.

The following people will receive the Presidential Scholarship this year:

  • Artyom Bakulin
  • Vanessa Eelma
  • Liliia Kniaz
  • Marinela Marinova
  • Ilka Verena Ohlmer
  • Teodora Samoilă
  • Swati Sharma
  • Katrin Helga Stefansdottir
  • Olga Delia Ungureanu
  • Mads T. Aurvåg
  • Henrikke Bryn
  • Linn M. Christensen
  • Christian Dahl
  • Tom Reinert Johansen
  • Lina Viktoria Kilander
  • Rosa Krogh
  • Maiken Magnussen
  • Kirstine S. Rust
  • Rasmus K. Stenebråten
  • John A. Storebø
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