BI Case Study Club to compete in Spain and Canada

16 December 2014

The Oslo team in the BI Case Study Club have won a placement in the UNICC case competition in Spain, to be held in March 2015. Meanwhile, the BI Bergen team will be competing in JMUCC in Canada following winning 1st place.

Both teams were awarded these opportunities for winning 1st and 2nd place in the BI Stavanger National Case Competition Finale in October.

Success through diversity

The Oslo team, who won 2nd place, are an international group with varying experiences which they believe to be their winning factor.

- Our team had different ages, programmes, nationalities, knowledge and viewpoints, so I think that contributed to our performance. Our team also has great communication, and we have been solving a lot of cases to prepare for the competition, said Kristin Andreassen (20), studying BSc in Business.

Since joining the club, the team members have faced some heavy intellectual challenges and as a result have opened themselves up to a successful start on the career ladder.

Recruiting members

The BI Oslo Case Study Club began in August 2014, headed by Marielle S. Nilsen and BI student Sofie Elisabeth Kjenne. The club’s main objective is to provide students with hands-on case-solving experience and to hone every aspect of the skills needed to become professional, attractive and sharp in the field of both case competitions and their future careers.

Since launching the club, members have reaped plenty of benefits including the likes of an intimate presentation with McKinsey and personal training from renowned case competition coach, Vesna Damnjanovic. With more opportunities on the horizon, the club is opening up to recruit more members in January 2015.

In February 2016, the Case Study Club will play host at BI Oslo to an international case competition. The event will mark not only BI’s stamp on the map further but will help members to shed their student appearance and develop their professional debut, witnessed by international industry key players.

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