Master degrees proving profitable

20 February 2015

9 out of 10 Siviløkonom students who graduated from BI in 2014 got a job within six months, figures show in the labour market survey for BI 2015.

- Despite a difficult labour market, the latest survey confirms that there are a great number of diverse opportunities for students with an economic and and administrative education from BI, says President Inge Jan Henjesand of BI. 

The figure has remained relatively stable since 2014, when 91.7 percent graduated immediately into jobs. 

Get job offers before graduation

77,2 percent of the 2014 Siviløkonom graduates and 75,1 percent of all Master students accepted job offers before they had graduated. This represents a respective increase of 0,6 and 5,3 percent compared with the year before

-The combination of a broad three-year run followed by a more specialised Masters, makes today’s graduates good problem-solvers. This model empowers employees to be both generalists and specialists. It enables them to be highly sought after in the business world, says Henjesand. 

Early start for job-hunters

89,9 percent of Siviløkonom students began their job-search before completing their studies. For comparison, 86.3% of master students apply for jobs around the same time. 

- It is wise to start thinking about your career early in your studies. Those who search for work early on are also quicker with applying for jobs, going to job interviews and positioning themselves in the labour market, concludes Henjesand. 

Siviløkonom is the salary winner

The salary for all study programmes at BI has gone up by 0,3 percent for BSc and 3,3 percent for MSc in 2014. 

Percentage of wage increases for 2013 – 2014:

  • Salary without bonus BSc – 0,3, Wages incl. bonuses BSc – 1
  • Salary without bonus MSc – 3,3 Wages incl. bonuses MSc – 3
  • Salary without bonus SE – 2,1 Wages incl. bonuses SE – 0

It is the Siviløkonom graduates who have the highest salary by an average totaling 478 000 kroner, including bonuses. This figure is unchaged from last year. 

  • Salary without bonus BSc – kr. 367000 (kr. 406 000 incl. bonuses), Changes to 2014 – 0,3% (1%)
  • Salary without bonus MSc – kr. 444000 (kr. 475000 incl. bonuses), Changes to 2014 – 3,3% (3%)
  • Salary without bonus SE – kr. 438000 (kr. 478000 incl. bonuses), Changes to 2014 – 2,1% (0%) 
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