The value of your degree

19 May 2015

What should characterise a BI student? Read the president's post in Inside on what the strategy means for today's students.

We have a very good starting point. BI is one of Europe's largest business schools and by achieving the 'Triple Crown' status, we are now among the top 70 of the world's business schools, out of an approximate 15,000. This is a recognised measure of the quality of the education at BI. We have academic researchers who assert themselves on the international research arena, and we have strong and attractive programmes that stand out both nationally and internationally. In addition, we continue to climb the prestigious Financial Times Rankings.

BI's Strategic Plan 2015-2018 has two overall objectives: 1) Making sure that a degree from BI is preferred in the international student and labour markets, and 2) To ensure that studying at BI is an excellent experience that promotes learning, self-development and good values. BI should have studies and programmes favoured by the best students at home and abroad, and BI students should be first in line for the best jobs. You should have high expectations of us and we will work hard to make sure that those expectations are met. 

What will characterise a BI student?

The value of the degree you get when you graduate from BI will be determined by how well the reputation of BI is perceived professionally and the impression that previous BI students have created. Your prospective employer will see your degree from BI and recognise a quality brand. Candidates from BI will be characterised by strong, academic qualifications, good skills and, especially, good values. This will apply to all BI students, regardless of the specialisation or campus, whether at bachelor or master level.

In BI's strategy plan for 2015-2018, we have said that we will work to define a distinct BI candidate profile. BI has already done much to work on this aim by, for example, designing clear learning goals for our programmes, the introduction of internships as part of the curriculum, and more. Now, we want to go further by pinpointing the skills, and perhaps even the self-development, of students at BI. Provost Dag Morten Dalen, who is responsible for all programmes at BI, will involve you as students in his work. Intially, we have started dialogue with student associations. However, I advise all students at BI to think about what a distinct BI candidate profile should consist of. 

A good start

An important focus in BI's strategy plan is to strengthen the quality of the way we deliver our courses to you as students. Also we have focused a lot of effort, and continue to do so, on ensuring the overall experience of studying at BI is a good one. We have invested heavily into digitalisation, both in educational and administrative solutions, and we have established student tutoring groups. We will work to make the standards even higher of what we have already intiated.

However, we see that the first year of studying is extremely important to end results and for your ability to graduate as planned. Therefore, Jens Petter Tøndel, Director of BI full-time studies, is entrusted to identify what makes a good first-year experience. 

We will not succeed in this without the active participation of students. Both SBIO and BIS have been in dialogue with us and will be heavily involved with our ongoing work. Those of you who are active in programme socities and interest clubs will have an important role when it comes to welcoming the new students beginning in the autumn. To be included in the social environment at the school is as important as progressing academically.

Now we will initiate dialogue with you as students about how we can work together to achieve the goals of the BI strategy. Specifically, during the autumn we will speak directly with you at all campuses and this is something I'm looking forward to.

Good ambassadors

Those of you who are students at BI today will remain being an ambassador of BI throughout your working life. It is important for all of us at BI that you succeed. Skilled former BI students have opened the doors for many of the current students. Likewise, you will open the doors for those who follow after you.

Your competence, integrity and attitudes affect the value of a BI degree. It is a great responsibility, for both us and for you. 

- Inge Jan Henjesand, President of BI Norwegian Business School. 

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