Research is paying off for BI

7 October 2015

BI receives 277.6 million kroner in the draft budget for 2016. This amounts to an increase of 14.4 million from 2015.

- The increase reflects that BI delivers results, both in education and research. We are proud that the effort of our researchers has yeilded results, says President of BI, Inge Jan Henjesand.

The credit for research depends on the results BI can produce. A high number of publishing points, a high number of doctoral graduates who defended in 2014, as well as funding from the research council and regional research are the basis for the increase.


The Norwegian economy is in transition as a result of downscaling in the oil sector. Targeted investment in education and research is needed to build the new knowledge economy.

- We are missing several measures and incentives for executive education. The outlook for the Norwegian economy implies that this is the right time for a commitment to retraining and upgrading skills. Executive education should become the rule rather than the exception, says Henjesand

International recruitment

- We look with interest on that the government increasingly emphasizes quality, performance and international cooperation. Research and higher education are international activities. We must be able to measure ourselves against the best schools in Europe, says Henjesand.

- As a knowledge society, we manage a common reputation outside our borders. We compete with other countries for the best minds, and many of the institutions we compete with today receive a boost from established national strategies for recruitment, says Henjesand.

BI is of the opinion that Norway needs a national strategy for recruiting and financing of the best international students.

Students should get more

Skilled and dedicated students are important for any educational institution. In that respect, it is disappointing that the government doesn't strengthen the financing of studies further.

- Students must gain some economic leeway that enables them to concentrate on their studies. The modest increase in financial support in this budget proposal is not enough, says Henjesand.

BI supports students' demands for increased financial support and believes that part of the loan for tuition be converted into a grant upon graduation.


  • BI is a private foundation for which study fees is the main income source. State aid represented about 18% of the foundation's revenue in 2015.

Changes in the permanent records:

  • Increase in performance-based count on education incentives: 3, 007 mill kr
  • Increase in performance-based count research incentives: 4, 035 mill kr
  • Adjustment for price and wage increases of 2.9 per cent: 7, 653 mill kr

Other changes:

  • Increase of 390 000 kroner for a recruitment position in MST subjects (math, science and technology).
  • Reduction of 1.358 million kroner as measure to reduce bureaucracy and streamline the public sector.
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