International Recognition of BI

11 November 2015

When Deans of the world's leading business schools make their recommendations, BI excels in Norway and score high worldwide.

Annually Deans from the 1,000 best business schools in the world are invited to participate in The Eduniversal Deans' Vote Survey for business schools in 154 countries, selected by Eduniversal Official Selection.

President at BI Norwegian Business School, Inge Jan Henjesand is pleased to be among the top 100 schools that receive “5 palmes of excellence", which indicates that BI is "a universal business school with strong global influence."

- Education is an international activity, and the importance of recognition on global rankings such as Eduniversal and Financial Times is important for BI Norwegian Business School to attract the best researchers, the best students and the most important international companies. To be an attractive partner for the best business schools internationally, recognition of the Deans at these institutions is very important, says Henjesand.

BI sees this survey in combination with other rankings, which together provide a total picture of our international attractiveness.

- Our ambition is to be one of the leading business schools in Europe, and Eduniversal's Business School Ranking shows that we are constantly taking steps in the right direction to achieve our goals, says Henjesand.

About the award:
BI has increased from 404 in 1000 possible recommendations in 2014 to 416 in 2015.

About Eduniversal:
Eduniversal Evaluation System (EES) includes ranking and rating of two separate categories with two separate methodologies: the first is the 1,000 top global business schools, and the other is the 4000 best master's and MBA programs. Both rankings are selected from nine geographic zones and 154 countries.

About the ranking:

  • 100 schools received 5 palmes of excellence – universal business schools with strong global influence
  • 200 schools received 4 palmes of excellence – top business schools with significant international influence
  • 400 schools received 3 palmes of excellence – excellent business schools with reinforcing international influence
  • 200 schools received 2 palmes of excellence – good business schools with strong regional influence
  • 100 schools received 1 palm of excellence – business schools with considerable local influence

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