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Applied Economics and Management


How do managers in private and public sector make their decisions? What are the principles they follow when they make decisions, and why is it that the results of the decisions do not always turn out as expected? As citizens we daily observe decision outcomes in the form of changes in prices, interest rates and exchange rates.

This program aims at giving you a more thorough understanding of why managers decide as they do. This kind of knowledge is very useful for all citizens in a society and is of particular importance to managers.

Former students have characterised the program as "instructive", "very good", "absorbing" and as giving "new insights". This is due to the fact that we have combined useful and applicable pieces of knowledge from various subjects such as economics, economic history and business management. These pieces of knowledge are presented in a pedagogical context which enables you to exploit your experience, profit by a motivating learning environment and perceive mastering and learning.

BI's strategy states that we will prepare students for an international, digital and sustainable future. This program is international in its design and looks at today's economy - as well as the historical evolution of this economy - in a national, European and global perspective. The program provides students with tools to investigate and analyze differences and similarities between countries and continents. We use both national and international data and news sources, including Statistics Norway, the World Bank, Gapminder, The Economist, Our World in Data and purehelp (Business search engine). The theme of sustainability also falls naturally into the program's emphasis on economic growth.

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Economic history
Applied Economics and Management


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