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Blockchain Technology and Corporate Value Creation


Blockchain technology is described as one of the main drivers of the fourth industrial revolution. The technology affects how companies create, exchange, and share value with each other - and with customers. Blockchain technology affects all areas of business economics through its unique way of processing information. This affects everything from accounting systems, legal decisions, banking and financiers, entrepreneurship, value creation from creative industries, to digital communication, marketing, and financial analysis, to name a few.

The course takes place entirely digitally in a Metaverse where we meet as avatars in a virtual world. The course is set up as a Flipped Classroom. This means that before the lectures, the students have prepared through podcasts, films, texts, and Artificial Intelligence (text robots). In the class, there is extensive use of class discussions where current cases are discussed against the current syllabus.

In this course, students will develop competence in how to manage technology to influence social and economic development in a sustainable way.

The exam paper will be based on the cases from the class discussions.


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