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Board Development, Innovation Management and Social Responsibility


The course provide professional specialization in three focus areas: 1) board development, 2) innovation management, and 3) reputation / social responsibility / ethics.

The three focus areas catch emerging trends of our time: Innovation and change management are becoming increasingly important in a society in rapid technological and social evolution. Reputation, social responsibility and ethics are receiving increased attention in a more and more transparent and communicative world. And, last but not least, this increases the demands on leadership skills and managerial development. At a time when both industry and society expect the board to take an active role in the formulation of corporate strategy, it is also important that the board has expertise in these areas.

The course combines theory and practice: It gives participants insight into the main contribution to the fundamental thinking in the three focus areas, and combines it with 'hands on' experience from practical cases.

Course content

Board Development
- The role of the Board executive
· The Chairman's special role and tasks
· Leadership and teamwork on the Board, the shareholders / owners and the executive management
· The Board as a value-creating team - Team Development
· The Board’s strategic control
· The external chairman, a management resource

Entrepreneurship, innovation and restructuring of enterprises
- Management of entrepreneurship, innovation and change in rapidly evolving firms
- Management challenges in phases of corporate development from the entrepreneurial phase until the mature product phase
- Management challenges of intrapreneurship and restructuring in mature companies
- Balancing efficiency and creativity
- Practical examples

Reputation, social responsibility and ethics
· Reputation issues, social responsibility and ethics as Board challenges
· How reputation, corporate responsibility and ethics can be actively used in corporate value creation
· Stakeholders and stakeholder analysis
· Ethical and societal reflection as Board concerns
· Practical applications


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