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Design of Interactive Apps


Mobile phones have become an integral and inescapable part of our lives, and is involved in many daily activities. Combined with the accelerating pace of technological change, we have seen a massive demand for applications (apps) to fulfill a variety of needs. Consumer needs of mobile solutions are steadily evolving, and companies strive to constantly develop better and more user friendly apps. Organizations use these apps as an integral part of their business model, to communicate and interact with customers, consumers and the general public, to distribute services, and to expand their service offerings to users. Often, employees tasked with communications have exciting ideas and requirements for apps, while the IT department sees challenges and obstacles in implementation. Top management typically wants to offer leading technological solutions with apps that are innovative and capable. 

There is an app for everything these days, and in this course you will learn the main principles of app design to create a prototype for specific objectives. Specifically, you will learn about the process of moving through the stages from design ideas, development, principles of making user friendly apps, and the potential applications of an app. You will learn the main principles of interaction design and create a prototype of an app.  

The structure of the learning elements in this course mimics how apps are developed in the real world.

Course content

The course mainly consists of using software to design an app in accordance with principles of interaction design and user friendliness to fulfill a need for an organization. The course will cover interaction design and user friendly design, user testing, concept development, and personas. The learning tasks include extensive practical work.


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