Truly innovative, disruptive technologies and processes that deviate from the past will be needed for creating innovations that will address the world’s problems. At the heart of the innovation process lies the understanding of customer needs, both current needs as well as future needs. By creating products that meet customer needs, companies can create products that customers love to use, rather than use out of necessity. Such emotional resonance is needed when creating disruptive innovations that deviate from the past.

The course introduces students top the principles of design-driven innovation, with the purpose of introducing design thinking and other practically orientated frameworks of innovation that enables the creation of successful new products. Using the user-centered design process, students will learn how to get deep understanding of user’s needs and emotions. Participants will practice various research methods and tools, including observational research, needs list, personas, and storyboards. With these tools, students will be able to create innovations that communicate empathy and resonate with customers on an emotional level. Students will learn and practice the design-driven design process through a series of lectures and hands-on exercises.

Course content

The students will be involved in the different stages of the innovation development process and work on an innovation project of their choice during the course. The course consists of lectures, video material, and practical seminars. 


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