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Leadership. Theory and Practice


Leadership is a concept that we use in everyday speech and hence are familiar with or have opinions on. Many have taken om tasks or a role that involves leadership and many have been subject to leadership.

Leadership. Theory and Practice is a course that describes and discusses leadership both from a historical perspective, and from the perspective of how management and leadership can be described and applied today. By way of theories based on various views of leadership, students acquire an insight into many complex factors when practising the leadership role. In conclusion, there is a discussion on leadership challenges such as further digitalization, new employment terms and innovative business sectors. 

Course content


  • Leadership – a historical perspective

Perspectives on leadership

  • Theoretical platforms
  • Traditional and more recent definitions
  • Situational leadership
  • Transformational leadership

Organizational conditions for leadership

Leadership – personal and functional

  • Good and poor leadership
  • The employees’ views on leadership
  • Leadership challenges
  • Digital leadership
  • Fresh leader
  • A Norwegian leadership model


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