Excerpt from course description

Management Competence at Board Level


The course shall give knowledge about important issues and theories that has relevance for practicing a directorship in the private or public sector. Vital issues in the course include understanding the connection between the companies various governing impulses (vision and strategies), the organizational system (including juridical and economic issues) and the management competence at board level.

Course content

  • Perspective on the Board - the function of the Board - board management and the Board's work
  • The Board's tasks seen from the owners', the company's and society's point of view - Sustainable management
  • The role of the Board seen from the side of the share holders, the company and the society
  • Various roles played in the boardroom, formal structures and informal work
  • The roles of the owners, the Board and the Management. Role conflicts
  • The competance required for Board members and the boards typologies
  • The Boards various functions in Plc’s, Ltd’s and Foundations
  • The digtal change and the boards role in the digitalization
  • Laws and regulations of importance for the work in the boardroom and the individual board members responsibility and legal position with primary focus on “Lov om Aksjeselskaper av 1997” (Plc’s and Ltd’s)
  • Recruitment of board members and of CEO’s
  • The Boards responsibility to develop overall management tools through focus on inovation,strategy - value creation.
  • The Boards responsibility in connection with finances and risk management. 


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