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Service and value oriented management in retail


The retail trade is undergoing major changes in most retail industries. Changes in customer needs and purchasing patterns, technological changes, trade flows and management and, above all, environmental issues and the globalization of players in trade, are just some of the characteristics. Parallel to this, increases in the internal complexity of new communication management and organizational forms and new requirements for management constitute additional challenges.
This means that today's leaders in the retail trade must have thorough knowledge of the characteristics and conditions that are essential to creating outstanding and lasting results for a business. It is about a fundamental understanding that there are complex interpersonal systems and processes that determine whether we humans can work well together, achieve our goals, create satisfied customers and thus good results. Who we are, what our values ··are and how we live by these are crucial to the outcome.

Course content

  • From authoritarian to value-based management – does the retail industry require a paradigm shift?
  • What is a value-based corporate culture for a retail business?
  • Organization-driven branding from an inside-out perspective.
  • Customer insight and understanding of customers as crucial factors in the service and value perspective.
  • Service Management as a management philosophy towards store staff and customers.
  • The importance of new technologies in branding (user control, openness, transparency).
  • What creates customer satisfaction and loyalty?
  • ROI (return on investment) - how to measure the impact of service and value-based management?


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