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Strategic Transformation of Corporations


The objective of this course is to consider the integrated strategy development and strategy implementation process of corporations, with particular emphasis on corporate transformation. The course will build on key topics covered during some of the previous courses, in an integrated perspective on revitalizing or transforming companies.
When a strategic change is needed, it is rarely enough to only consider strategic analysis or for example finance or HRM, but the implications from all of these areas must be taken together and discussed coherently.
This module will challenge analytical and creative abilities as well as the capacity to integrate a range of different subjects. In addition we will focus strongly on making clear the implications of a strategic choice for all activities in the organization, and how these implications can be managed to make the strategic change happen.

Course content

The course will consist of a mixture of lectures and case discussions. Live examples and case studies will be used as an important vehicle for demonstrating the application of theory and models.

The following topics are covered:
Day 1: Introduction to corporate transformation
Review of strategic management
Day 2: Review of organizational design
Corporate culture and leadership
Day 3: Review of business transformation and change management
Day 4: Corporate transformation cases – the rebirth of corporations


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