BI Alumni Copenhagen

Scandinavian Leadership DNA

What defines Scandinavian Leadership and how can it meet the challenges of companies and organizations globally? Speakers from academia and industry will give you the latest insight into how this leadership model supports creativity, innovation and growth.

  • Starts:13:00, 4 June 2019
  • Ends:18:30, 4 June 2019
  • Location:Arne Jacobsens Allé 15, 2300 Copenhagen
  • Enrolment deadline:28th May 2019
  • Contact:Audrey Paton (audrey.paton@bi.no)

In collaboration with Norway's Embassy, Norwegian Danish Chamber of Commerce and Stockholm School of Economics, we have the pleasure of inviting you to a half-day conference on leadership in Scandinavia. What is the hallmark of leadership in our part of the world that inspires business leaders in the rest of the world?
We will focus on three concepts; ResponsibleResponsive and Rewarding - the conference is in English.

The speakers are three of Scandinavia's leading experts on the three approaches to management, supplemented by three practitioners; Dagny Nome from Factlines, Ulla Summer Field from EGGS Design and Michael Skou from REMA1000.

13.00–13.20 Welcome by H.E. Ambassador Aud Kolberg
13.20–13.45 The Competitive Advantage of Collaboration,  Professor Atle Midttun, Department of Law and Governance, BI
13.45–14.10  From global goals to business as usual – how to foster sustainability in SMEs, Executive Director Dagny Nome, Factlines Denmark
14.10–14.20 Q & A’s – Responsible 
14.40–15:10 Myths of innovation – The fallacies that cause delays, undermine intentions, and raise frustrations, CEO for SSE Executive Education and Associate Professor Anders Richtnér
15.10–15.35  Building the world’s best workplace for creative people, CEO Ulla Sommerfeldt, EGGS Design
15.35–15.45 Q & A’s – Responsive 
16:00–16:30  A gateway to success or an endangered species, Professor emeritus Henrik Holt Larsen, Institute for Organization, CBS
16.30–16.55  Success in Retail is all about trust and people! HR Director Michael Skou, REMA 1000 Denmark
16:55–17:00 Q & A’s – Rewarding 
17.00–17.25 Panel debate 
17.25–17.30 Closing remarks
17.30–18.30 Refreshments and networking