Leading an AI-powered organization: How to manage intelligent technology and people


  • Starts:09:00, 20 November 2020
  • Ends:09:45, 20 November 2020
  • Location:Online streaming - link received after registering
  • Contact:BI Alumni (alumni@bi.no)

Leading an AI-powered organization: How to manage intelligent technology and people

Technology is a powerful force for change and improvement for individuals, businesses, and societies.  Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered by cloud computing, the Internet of Things and ubiquitous, as well as high-speed mobile connectivity are redefining business models and even the nature of work and leadership. Intelligent technologies allow large-scale automation of routine work and mass customization of products and services. They also enable an explosion in the capacity to collect and process real-time data. The result is a major shift in the mix of task humans perform in organizations-towards more complex, non-routine work- as well as lowering the cost of experimentation and enabling machine augmentation of human capabilities.

We will discuss following topics

  • What is AI how does it affect our lives, work, and business?
  • How does AI-driven automation and augmentation challenge managers?
  • What is the unique human contribution to the AI-powered organization?
  • What are potential risks from the use and development of AI at scale? And how can we solve them?
  • Do we have to change how we organize and strategize? How?
  • What is your best advice to current and aspiring leaders?


Vegard Kolbjørnsrud; Associate Professor in Strategy, BI Norwegian Business School and Senior Research Fellow, Accenture

Vegard is researching and teaching strategy, new organizational forms, digitalization, and the impact of AI on management.  Vegard has 16 years of strategy consulting experience with more than 30 strategy, business development, and improvement projects for clients across digital media, telecom, and IT/high tech industries, as well as in public administration. He has also recently published in journals like Harvard Business Review and Strategic Organization and his research has been covered in national and international news media such as Forbes, Aftenposten, Dagens Næringsliv, NRK and Kapital.  He is the academic coordinator for the digital track on BI’s Executive MBA program and program responsible for the new top management program for the Norwegian health Sector.   

Vegard has a “Siviløkonom” degree and Master of Science in Strategy, both from BI Norwegian Business School. Vegard also took his Ph.D. in Strategic Management at BI Norwegian Business School.

Ieva Martinkenaite; VP Telenor Research, Head of Analytics and AI

Ieva is among the key figures at Telenor Group contributing to building the AI research and innovation ecosystem in Norway. She holds several high profile regional and national appointments in AI. As Vice President of Telenor Research and Head of Analytics and AI team, Ieva is responsible for conducting research and driving research-based innovation in Telenor within data analytics, AI and IoT. Her work also involves advisory to Telenor executives and business leaders on digital technologies and innovation strategy. Concurrently, Ieva leads the AI task force of Europe’s largest telecommunication operator association (ETNO).

She has more than 15 years of experience in product development, business research and advisory, and holds several Board membership positions. During 2018-2020 Ieva worked as an expert in the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence at the European Commission that provided recommendations on Ethical AI guidelines and the implementation of European Strategy on AI.

Ieva has a PhD in Strategic Management from BI Norwegian Business School.

Thomas F. Anglero; Nordic Director of Innovation at IBM

Thomas has been working at IBM since 2015 and has been responsible for the Watson, IBM's cognitive artificial intelligence solution. Thomas is an AI and Innovation executive responsible for building new partnerships and business opportunities with executives and government officials throughout Europe that are being disrupted. Expert in artificial intelligence, digitalization, business strategy, and marketing strategy. Before joining IBM, Thomas previously worked in Norway at Skatteetaten, Telenor, Ericsson, Vocaltec Communications, R & D, and others in the United States of America. Thomas is also a board member, Basketball coach, Podcaster ("Soul of Innovation" and "IBM Keep It Simple Tech podcast"), motivational speaker, mentor.

Thomas holds a Bachelor in Science in Mechanical Engineering from Pratt Institute.