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Jing Wu

Postdoctoral Fellow - Department of Communication and Culture


Jing Wu is a Postdoctoral Fellow at BI Norwegian Business School. She obtained her PhD in Organizational Behavior from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, the Netherlands. Jing’s research interests focus on how to facilitate communication and foster proactivity in the context of (a) leader-employee dyads, (b) team diversity and dynamics, and (c) the workplaces redefined by gig economy, digital work, and algorithmic management. In carrying out research projects, Jing adopts a multi-method approach, integrating field surveys, lab experiments, field experiments, and interviews. And she uses a variety of statistical methods, such as polynomial regression and response surface analyses, social network analysis, and latent growth modeling. Jing teaches courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels, including international business, cross-cultural management, managing diversity and inclusion, quantitative research methodology, etc.


Wu, Jing; Tangirala, Subrahmaniam, van Knippenberg, Daan, Giessner, Steffen R. & Zhang, Pengcheng (2023)

How cross-expertise voice facilitates team performance: A relational energy perspective

[Academic lecture]. European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology Congress.

Hussain, Insiya & Wu, Jing (2023)

Speaking Up To Be Heard: Influences Processes in Employee Voice

[Academic lecture]. Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

Nikolova, Irina; Wong, Sut I & Wu, Jing (2022)

Leader’s cognitive framework and employees’ autonomy during digital organizational change

[Academic lecture]. Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

Wu, Jing; Tangirala, Subrahmaniam & Zhang, Pengcheng (2022)

Tuning into the Life Cycle of Voice: Voice Emergence, Adoption, and Decline into Silence

[Academic lecture]. Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

Zhang, Limei; Venkataramani, Vijaya, Tangirala, Subrahmaniam, Liang, Jian & Wu, Jing (2021)

Who Speaks to Whom? How Voice Flows Within and Across Demographic Faultlines in Teams. Part of a Showcase Symposium entitled "Voice in Context: The Influences of Situational Opportunities & Constraints on Employee Voice"

[Academic lecture]. Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

Academic Degrees
Year Academic Department Degree
2020 Erasmus University Rotterdam Ph.D.