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Leon Moonen

Adjunct Professor - Department of Data Science and Analytics


Yamashita, Aiko Amparo Fallas & Moonen, Leon (2013)

Surveying Developer Knowledge and Interest in Code Smells through Online Freelance Marketplaces

Sadowski, Caitlin & Begel, Andrew (red.). Proceedings from 2nd International Workshop on User Evaluations for Software Engineering Researchers (USER 2013)

Yamashita, Aiko Amparo Fallas & Moonen, Leon (2013)

To what extent can maintenance problems be predicted by code smell detection? - An empirical study

Information and Software Technology, 55(12), s. 2223- 2242. Doi: 10.1016/j.infsof.2013.08.002

Yamashita, Aiko; Moonen, Leon, Mens, Tom & Tahir, Amjed (1)

Report on the First International Workshop on Technical Debt Analytics (TDA 2016)

CEUR Workshop Proceedings [Kronikk]

Academic Degrees
Year Academic Department Degree
2002 University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands PhD
Work Experience
Year Employer Job Title
2021 - Present BI Norwegian Business School Researcher